Santeria Beads / Collares De Santeria

Orunla,patron saint of the Babalawo,the high priest of santeria. Cost $4.95

Orunla, patrol y santo de Babalao.

Obatala,the king of the white cloth,a symbol of peace &  purity.he is also the fathe of mankind & the messenger of Olofi. Cost$4.95  

Obatala,es el rey del manto blanco,un simbolo de paz y pureza.El es padre de la humanidad y mensajero de Olofi.

Ochosi,the hunter of  justice.The truth and Fairness. Cost $4.95

Ochosi,el cazador de la justicia,la verdad y lo justo.

Ogun,patron saint of metals & all working people.He is the overseer of policemen,soldies & doctors. Cost $4.95

Ogun,patron del metal y la gente trabajadora.Protector de policias,soldados y doctores.

Chango,patron saint of fire,thunder,power,wars & lightning.chango brigns victory over enemies & all difficulties. Cost $4.95

Chango,santo y patron del fuego,poder guerra y del relanpago  chango trae victoria sobre sus enemigo y quita cualquier dificultad del camino.

Yemaya,the patron ofthe 7 seas & of motherhood. Cost $4.95

Yemaya,patrona de los 7 mares y de la maternidad.

Elegua,is the messenger of the orishas & guardian of the doors.Without him nothing can be accomplished. Cost $4.95

Elegua,el mensajero de los orishas y guardian de las puertas.Sin el nada se podra realizar.

Oshun,patron saint of Cuba,Controls all that makes life worth living,such as love,marriage and  happiness in family life. Cost $4.95

Oshun,patron y santo de Cuba,Controla todo lo que realmente vale en la vida,amor,matrimonio,y la felicidad de la familia.

7 African Powers,are 7 Orishas with a super- natural force & are mediatoys between humanity & the Supreme being. Cost $4.95

7 potencias Africanas,7 Orishas con fuerza soble natural,mediadores entre la humanidad y el ser supremo.
NECKLACES  Mazo - Ildes -  
Palo Mayombe
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Palo Mayombe Beads / Collares De Palo Mayombe

Collares De Egun, collares De Egun represent our ancestors and our spiritual guides whom have been with us since birth.The Collares De Egun are made with a variety of multicolored beads.12 length.Cost $20.00

 Ta Ta Reggie  prepare & give the Collares De Egun  to  individuals who are involved with illegal activities for protection. $175.00

Collare De La Bandera, collares De Bandera are used by Palero to have command over the dark spirits.4 foot long.Cost   $20.00

Collares De Los Guerreros, collares de los guerreros can be worn in Palo Mayombe ceremonies and rituals for supernatural power.Cost  $20.00

Large  Mazos / Medium Mazos /  Metal  Beaded  Bracelet

Ildes / Single Beaded Bracelets  

Large  Mazo  for  Elegua, Cost $150.00

Medium  Mazos  for   Elegua, Cost  $69.95

Metal   Beaded   Bracelet  for  Elegua ,Cost $15.95

Ildes  Bracelet  for  Elegua, Cost  $19.95

Single Beaded Bracelets for Elegua,Cost $6.95

Large  Mazo  for  Obatala, Cost $150.00

Medium   Mazos  for  Obatala, Cost  $69.95

Metal   Beaded  for Obatala,Cost $15.95

Ildes  Bracelet  for  Obatala,Cost $19.95

Single   Beaded   Bracelets  for  Obatala, Cost $6.95

Large  Mazo  for  Oschosi, Cost $150.00

Medium   Mazos  Oschosi, Cost  $69.95

Metal   Beaded  for  Oschosi, Cost $15.95

Ildes  Bracelet  for  Oschosi, Cost $19.95

Single   Beaded   Bracelets  for  Oschosi,Cost  $6.95

Large  Mazo for Oshun, Cost  $150.00

Medium   Mazos  for Oshun, Cost  $69.95

Metal   Beaded for Oshun,Cost $15.95

Ildes  Bracelet  for  Oshun,Cost $19.95

Single   Beaded   Bracelets  for  Oshun Cost $6.95

Large  Mazo  for  Obba, Cost $150.00

Medium   Mazos  for  Obba, Cost  $69.95

Metal   Beaded  for  Obba, Cost $15.95

Ildes  Bracelet  for  Obba, Cost $19.95

Single   Beaded   Bracelets  for  Obba,Cost $6.95

Large  Mazo  for   yemaya, Cost $150.00

Medium   Mazos  for  yemaya, Cost  $69.95

Metal   Beaded  for  Yemaya, Cost $15.95

Ildes  Bracelet  for  Yemaya,Cost $19.95

Single   Beaded   Bracelets  for   Yemaya,Cost $6.95

Large  Mazo  for  Chango, Cost  $150.00

Medium   Mazos  for  Chango, Cost  $69.95

Metal   Beadedor   for  Chango, Cost $15.95

Ildes  Bracelet  for  Chango,Cost $19.95

Single   Beaded   Bracelets  for  Chango,Cost $6.95

Large  Mazo  for  Ogun, Cost $150.00

Medium   Mazos   for  Ogun, Cost  $69.95

Metal   Beadedor   for  Ogun, Cost $15.95

Ides  Bracelet  for  Ogun, Cost $19.95

Single   Beaded   Bracelets  for  Ogun,Cost $ 6.95

Large  Mazo  for  Orunla, Cost $150.00

Medium   Mazos  for  Orunla, Cost  $69.95

Metal   Beadedor   for  Orunla,Cost $15.95

ldes   Bracelet for Orunla ,Cost $19.95

Single   Beaded   Bracelets  for   Orunla,Cost $6.95

Medium Size Mazos 

Large   Mazos 

Single Bracelts  Metal  Bracelets