Sign of the Year for 2015

For the Priests of Ifá, our brothers the Oriaté, to the Babaloshas, Iyaloshas, Iworos, and to the General Religious Public. 

Following a twenty eight-year tradition, the Organiz[ing] Commission gathered on December 31, 2014 in the House-Temple located at Avenue 10th of October, #1509, between Josefina and Gertrudis, in Víbora, Municipality 10th of October, City of Havana, Cuba, in order to take out the Sign of the Year. The youngest priest took out the odu.


Prophetic Word: [Iré], Economic benefits through business—solid and certain—given by Eleguá.

Onishe a Eleguá: Aladimú, otán.

Onishe ará: Baths with flowers, otán.

Onishe ilé: Washdown [of the house] with the following plants: albahaca, paraíso, and siempre viva, otán.

Ebó: 1 male goat, 1 bottle of aguardiente, and the rest of the ingredients.

Ruling Orisha: OSHÚN

Accompanying Orisha: OBATALÁ

Flag of the Year: Half yellow and half white.

Illnesses to watch out for with extreme care:
1. Illnesses of the respiratory system.
2. Cardiovascular illnesses.
3. Illnesses of the skeletal system.
4. Possible skin outbreak.

Occurrences of Social Concern:
1. Interpersonal conflicts.
2. Conflicts between nations that could escálate to war.
3. The loss of religious and political leaders, as well as elders in general, is marked.
4. Serious disturbances in family harmony.
5. Ecological imbalances and posible inundation by the ocean.
6. An opening of treaties between countries, fundamentally utilizing maritime transport.
7. [Inter] generational conflict and its fatal consequences.

1. Dialogue and respect for the criteria of others is the only way of avoiding conflict. 
2. Special attention is recommended to the ethics and morals of sons and daughters.
3. Ifa recommends an organization for the social, political, and economic benefit of diverse peoples.
4. Radically increase the methods of hygiene and sanitation in order to avoid the spreading of epidemics. 
5. Adequate remuneration in salaries for the pursuit of all the various activities.
6. Provide adequate attention to the elderly. 
7. A call for unity, respecting diversity. 

Take as a reference the positive and negative models (advances) from the readings of the years 1959, 1989, 1995, 1998, 2004, and 2011, and 2014 where this same odu ruled. 

The Odu’s sayings with respect to our behavior:
1- The wise idea is the force that moves the earth. 
2- The greatest error is not learning From an error already committed.
3- Wherever there is life there is hope.
4- Debts hang from our necks like heavy stones.
5- Divide and you will conquer.

After an in-depth and exhaustive analysis, The Commission agreed to ratify the recommendations of the previous year via considering that those be adjusted clearly for this year’s sign.
Our Commission is grateful to the great engines of communication that make possible for these Ifá predictions to reach all the corners of the world.

Palo Mayombe