I wish to thank all my ancestors for their wisdom taught me what i know as magic .The spells  in  this section have been grouped under several categories,such as traditional witchcraft, palo mayombe,black magic ,voodoo,hoodoo,and other types of magic.It will be seen that the palero, witch, the black magician, the voodooist, and other magicians throughout the word share the same basic magical belifs, all of which makes magic a very human  experience.Friends,if you're looking for one product to solve all your problems then look no further because here it is! After months and months of hard work we have finally put together the perfect voodoo ritual kit that can be used to accomplish anything you desire.I call it  the Famous VooDoo Spell Kits and it comes with everything you need to make your life better.VooDoo Spell Kit you can use this powerful kit to control problems and people,make a lover return,draw money,get revenge on an enemy,have good luck with everything,make some one love you,break people up,win a court case,get rid of bad neighbors or anything else you desire it's up to you.All it takes is performing my Ritual to make it happen.Order my  Famous VooDoo Spell Kits you won't be disappointed.

Ta Ta Nkisis
Famous VooDoo  Spell  Kits
Palo Mayombe
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Attract  Kit -  Cost  $50.00

Mans Wife Left Him Kit - Cost  $ 50.00

Man  Cannot  Get  Sweetheart   Kit  -  Cost  $ 50.00

ST. Muerte   7   Bath  Oil   Kit  -  Cost  $  25.00

7  LIMPIAS   KIT   -  Cost  $ 40.00

Lady/Man   In   Lawsuit    Kit -  Cost  $ 50.00

Win   Back   Husband   OR   Lover   Kit - Cost  $ 50.00

Win   Back   Wife   OR   Lover   Kit Cost  $ 50.00

Gambling   Hand   Kit - Cost  $  45.00

Reversing   Kit  To   Send   Back   A   Curse   OR   Her   Kit  -  Cost  $ 65.00

Stay   With   Me   Kit  -  Cost  $ 65.00

Steady   Work  Kit  -  Cost  $ 55.00

To  Be  On  Thy  Lover's  Mind  Kit -  Cost  $  35.00

To  Win   Someone's   Love   Kit -  Cost  $50.00

To  Stop   Gossip  OR  Slander   Kit  - Cost  $ 35.00

To Attract  The  Love  Of  The  Opposite  Sex  - Cost  $  45.00

For  Prosperity / Better Financial  Condition   - Cost  $  50.00

To  promote  Peace  In  The  Home -  Cost  $  35.00


Snake  Candle Kit Sometimes  called "bust away " candles, these are burned for protection from all evil.The purpose of the candle is to acknowledge that there are light and dark forces in all things,and the evil influences (as evidenced by the coiled serpent)must be negated (busted
away)before the good can blossom and take over. Cost  $  25.00

Skull  Candle  Kit  - Green  skull is  used  when  the  petitioner  wishes  to  separate  a  person  from  their  money. Cost  $  25.00

Skull  Candle  Kit  - Red  skull  is  bumed  to  cause  love  to  die.When  you  are  completely  convinced  that  no  good  can  come  from  the  love  a  person  bears  for  another,BREAK  THEM  UP  Can also be used  to  cause  a  person  to  move  from  wherever  they  live.So  if  there is  someone  in  your  home  who  is  unwelcome  or  if  you  have  an  unwanted  neighbor  use  this  kit.Cost  $  25.00

Skull  Candle  Kit  Black  skull  is   for  more  serious  matters.They  should  be  used  when  someone  has  intentionally  caused  you  suffering  and  pain. Cost  $  25.00

Witch  Candle  Kit Red  witch  candle   in  the  shape  of  a  witch  is  used  for  a  potent  love  spell.They  are  usually  red  in  color Cost  $  25.00

Witch  Candle  Kit - Black  witch  candle  in  the  shape  of  a  witch  can  be  used  to  cause  harm  and  confusion  to  enemies. Cost  $  25.00

Devil/Satan Candle  Kit One  would  assume  that  a  candle  shaped  like  a  devil  would  only  be  used  for  evil,but  it  actually  has  many  purposes,including  both  black  and  white   magic  intentions.These  unique  candles  are  usually  available  in;

Red  Devil/Satan Candle  Cost  $25.00

Black Devil/Satan Candle   Cost  $25.00

But   the  color  used  in  the  rituals  is  a  matter  of  personal  preference  and  does  not  seem  to  affect  the  ritual  results.