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07-Male skull. Very nice. 
Cost $1875.00

59-Male skull. Four . Cost $1850.00.

7-These mandibles come from individuals who lost the majority of their teeth during their lifetime .Sold As Is .Cost $210.00

A 1 Mandibles come from individuals from Haiti.Cost $250.00

75-Male  skull.  damaged nasals. Cost $1875.00

04-Male skull.exhibits enamel hypoplasias.Cost $1675.00

Palo Mayombe
Male Fetal Skull  From  Haiti .24 weeks  and  Up.

A  Class  Cost $1450.00

B-Class  Cost $ 1250.00

C.Class   Cost  $1050.00

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About our Human Bones
It is perfectly legal to sell human bones in the United States. Except for select antique specimens, all human bones for sale in the United States have been prepared overseas. Prior to 1985, the main supplier of human material for medical use was India. India ceased exporting bones in 1985 following changes in Indian law. 
These remains are anonymous. Skulls and skeletons can be sexed, but the vast majority of our stock consist of adult males. Individual post-cranial bones, with the exception of pelvic material, cannot be sexed accurately.
Unless otherwise specified, prices are for A1 quality specimens. Having said that, not all bones are perfect. Since many of these bones were prepped several years ago, they occasionally show signs of wear related to long-term handling or storage. Bones that were previously held in museum or academic collections may posess catalog numbers. We will try and select the best-quality bones available, but each bone is unique.
It is the customer's responsibility to be aware of their own local laws.  Materials seized due to conflict with foreign law are not eligible for refunds or replacement. If you are uncertain about the legality of an item you wish to purchase, please contact your local legal authorities.

No  Returning  Sold  As On All Bone.
04-Male skull.  exhibits enamel hypoplasias.
Cost $1925.00

23- Male skull. dark color, slight erosison.Cost $1975.00

24-male skull. Some teeth.Very nice skull.

A1 Quality  Femur :  From  Haiti .Largest bone of the human body, found in the thigh.Cost $375.00

03-Fibula; From  Haiti.The long slender bone of the lower leg.Cost $225.00

58-Female skull. Damage to right nasal. Slight cranial erosion. Bubbling on surface of right frontal, possibly from exposure to high heat.  Cost $1825.00

53.Female skull.  Slight crack on left side of occipital bone (less than 1.0" length). Nice color and texture. Cost $1725.00

04 A-Articulated  Foot From  Haiti Complete human foot articulated on either nylon or wire. Cost $400.00

04 Disarticulated Foot From  Haiti  Complete set of human foot bones. Not articulated.Cost  $375.00

14-Tibia, A1 quality  From  Haiti  
The large bone of the lower leg (the "shin bone"). Cost $250.00

14 A- Damaged,Tibia  From  Haiti
Tibias that have had one or both ends removed. Long portion of bone intact. Cost $210.00 

07-Articulated  Arm  From  Haiti  Includes articulated hand, radius, ulna, humerus, clavicle, and scapula. Matched set. Cost $885.00

07A-Articulated  Hand  From  Haiti Complete human hand articulated on either nylon or wire. Cost $575.00

07B  Disarticulated  Hand  From  Haiti  Complete set of human Hand bones. Not articulated.Cost $485.00

08-Humerus,From  Haiti The bone of the upper arm.Cost $325.00
10-Radius, From  Haiti  One of the two bones found in the lower arm   Cost $315.00

10 A-Radius / Ulna  From  Haiti(matched set-A matched set or the radius and ulna from the same arm of a single individual .Cost $400.00

15-Ulna,From  Haiti  The larger of the two bones of the lower arm. Cost $300.00

Articulated female real bone skeleton from Haiti. Skull with teeth (one incisor is chipped). An older, not entirely professional articulation that could use some repair (particularly in the ribcage area), retains cartilage in some areas. Assymetric calavarium cut. A real bargain
Cost  $4,000
Articulated male real bone skeleton. Haiti origin. Skull with thirty-two teeth. Older style articulation with cartilage present. A very large skeleton with robust proportions. Osteoporotic lumbar vertebrae. Cost $ 3500