Palo mayombe orginated from the African Congo and is said to be the world's most powerful and feared form of black magic.  In santeria religion there exists a dark side called Palo mayombe.  Individuals who practice this dark aspect are called Palero.  Palo Mayombe has a very long and historical history.  This magic was transported to the Caribbean during Spanish slave trade to Cuba and Puerto Rico in the 1500.
The influence of Palo Mayombe can be found in Central America.Brazil and Mexico.  Palo Mayombe in Brazil is Quimbanda.  Quimbanda is a mixture of traditional Congo, indigenous in India and Latin American spiritualism.
The differences between Palo Mayombe and Santeria is the religion of Santeria uses the forces of light and the members of Palo Mayombe use ther forces of darkness to achieve their goals and magic spells.  Palero practice extemely strong and powerful black magic. Many members of Santeria avoid being associated with Palo Mayombe.  Palo Mayombe has its own priesthood and set of rules and regulations.  Rules and regulations will vary according to the Palo Mayombe house to which an individual has been initiated into.
Palo Mayombe was integrated as part of the Santeria religion.  It is an entirely different world, when having an experience outside of the Latin American spiritualism.  It is rare to find a sincere individual in remote villages throughout Latin America and in the United States.  There are several famous Palero priests as well as secret societies dedicated to the Palo Mayombe.
Paleros' do not advertise their powers and will only perform spiritual work for an individual by referral.  Palero priest's power is so strong that they can take a man of obscure origin and turn him into a very powerfual world figure in a relatively short period of time.  Many political leaders have been linked to an involvement with the practice of Palo Mayombe in order to keep them in power and control over the people.  It is believed that a Palero can also bring death unto an individual within 24 hours.  Palero can make and break you by saying just a few incantations and by performing a few minor rituals.
The lack of understanding and  ignorance has always brought fear to people.  In many cases this ignorance has brought extinction to entire races of people and cultures.
Palo Mayombe is a very fascinating and exciting aspect of Santeria and it should not be taken lightly or ignored.  I am thankful to have had the opportunity to have become a part of an ancient form of magic.  With great honor and pride,. I salute my family and ahijados in Palo Mayombe

The house of the dead is where the Palero spirits reside.  Because the forces and powers of the dark are so fierce, they can not be kept with Santeros Santos or other spiritual guides.  Traditionally a Palero will keep his spirts in a special house outside.  This special house must always be locked to keep people away.  The house must be large enough to conduct your dark magic or misa.  If you live in an apartment you must keep your spirits in a seperate room or closet large enough for the spirit of Palo Mayombe.   A basement is the perfect place for working  the spirits of Palo Mayombe.  When you recieve other spirits of Palo Mayombe,  they can all stay together.  There should be a minimum amount of light and at least one candle burning in honor of the spirits at all times.  Palero priest must be stock with supplies for the 

When you decide to take a step into the spiritual of Palo Mayombe, it is a life long commitment, dedication and service to our ancestors and spiritual guides    A Palero priests' function is more important to serve and protect the community.  When an individual is initiated into Palo Mayome,  they are baptized into mysteries and secrets of the spirit.  Paleros say that they are born of fire and in the end will die of fire.  When becoming a Palero priest,  a light in darkness will attract the blessings of the spirits.  In death, a Palero's life is extingushed in death.  They become an elevated spiritual guide of the eternal living darkness.
Before you can become a part of Palo Mayombe, they must first consult an experienced Palo Priest.  The Palero will determine through direct contact with the spiritual world and the persons ancestors, if they will be able to practice Palo Mayombe.  Most times the spirit will reject an individual because Palo Mayombe is not for that individuals spritual path .  The spirits may also deny access to an indivdual because they may not yet be ready to handle or understand the responsibities of being a palero.

If the spirits respond favorably to your request, the next step is to receive a spiritual cauldron-spritual pot.  After the invocation ceremony, the spiritual cauldron contains the secrets of powerful spirits.  In Central America, Cuba and the Carribeans, this cauldron is called a Nganga-Prenda because the culture of modern day and the influence of Latin American's spiritualism in Palo Mayombe.  It is not uncommon to find paleros whose spirits are the living dead. Muertos are kept inside of a large clay pot instead of traditional large iron cauldron.  It depends on the palero priest in which form you will recieve your spirit pot and who will assist and teach you the secrets of palo mayombe.

Receiving the initiation and the spirits of Palo Mayombe is only the first step in a long journey into the world of spirits.
Palo Mayombe
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